Workout Overview
Workouts are the core of any fitness program. Workouts combine and define the manner in which exercises are performed, through variations of sets, weight, reps, distance, and time. Leverage the Branch Fitness exercise library and the drag & drop workout builder to create your next client workout.
Chest / Back / Core
Chest / Back / Upper Body
Upper Body / Lower Body / Core
Core / Cardio & Conditioning
Cardio & Conditioning / Core / Flexibility
Cardio & Conditioning / Core / Flexibility
Core / Cardio & Conditioning
Cardio & Conditioning / Upper Body
Shoulders / Back / Upper Body
Cardio & Conditioning / Upper Body / Lower Body
Upper Body / Lower Body / Core
Cardio & Conditioning / Legs / Core
Your Workout Plans. Your Brand. Your Insight.
Create and customize your workouts using the three step Branch Fitness workout builder wizard below. After saving your workout, it will be available in your library, where you are able to edit it, include it in your programs, share and schedule it with your clients, and track it for each client.
Workout Information
Define the purpose of your workout, and provide your unique insight.
Workout Assets
Customize the look and feel of your workout to reflect your company, brand, or style and inspire your clients.
Workout Exercises
Define the exercises included in your workout. Provide the structure and details for each exercise of your workout, including the order, set counts, weight, reps, distance, time, rest, and notes as applicable.
Get Started
To create a workout, enter your workout name and select the "Create Workout" button. The three step workout builder wizard will guide you through the remaining creation process. Please note that you must make each workout's name unique.