Tricep Extension (Cable - Rope)
Branch Fitness
Category: Arms

Cable Tricep extensions isolate your triceps, allowing you to exercise the long, lateral, and medial heads of your triceps to build your arm strength and definition.


The tricep comprises two thirds of your arm mass, and by isolating the three heads of your tricep you can effectively build and define your arms.

Step 1

Attach a two-sided rope to the top of a high pulley.

Step 2

Grip the rope with both hands, with your palms facing inward.

Step 3

Keep your back straight, lean forward slightly, and push the rope down with both hands.

Step 4

Keep your elbows at your side as you fully extend your hands to your side.

Step 5

As your hands reach your thighs, push the rope outward with both hands to fully activate your triceps.

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