Toes to Bar
Branch Fitness
Category: Core

Toes to Bar combines strength, endurance, and flexibility and targets your core, shoulders, and forearms.


Toes to Bar is a great full body movement to target your core and abdominals. The movements involved in toes to bar activate your shoulders, lats, and forearms and help you build and define your core.

Step 1

Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width in an overhand fashion.

Step 2

Start in a hanging position with your arms extended, and your legs and feet straight underneath you.

Step 3

Generate momentum by swinging your lower body back slightly, and kick your legs up together in unison towards the bar.

Step 4

Keep your upper body and shoulders as straight as possible, bending at the hip and activating your core to bring your feet all the way up to touch the bar.

Step 5

Lower yourself back to the starting position with your arms fully extended.

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