Split Squat (Elevated)
Branch Fitness
Category: Legs

Isolate your quads, glutes, and core and improve your lower body stability with the split squat.


The elevated split squat provides many benefits of the traditional squat, and helps isolate and strengthen your quads and glutes. The split squat helps you balance the weight lifted with each leg and has many carryover properties to your other lifts and athletic performance, as it requires balance, flexibility, and core activation throughout the lift.

Step 1

Plant one foot in front of your chest, and place your other foot behind you on a bench or box for support.  Grip dumbbells with your palms facing inward.

Step 2

Bend your front knee and lower your body to the ground.

Step 3

Keep your back straight, knee in line with your foot, chest out, and core activated, as you lower your thigh parallel with the ground.

Step 4

Drive your body back up to the starting position with the dumbbells at your side.

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