Single Leg Deadlift
Branch Fitness
Category: Legs

Strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and core and improve your flexibility with the Single Leg Deadlift.


The single leg deadlift provides many of the benefits of the traditional deadlift, which is one of the fundamental exercises for any strength and conditioning program. The single leg deadlift also incorporates and improves your core balance and flexibility, and helps isolate and activate your glutes and hamstrings. Because of the compound movements, muscles, and flexibility involved in the single leg deadlift, this exercise carries over well to other exercises and athletic endeavors.

Step 1

Balance on one leg with optional dumbbells positioned in front of you under your shoulders.

Step 2

Slowly bend at your hip, lowering your chest in front of you.  Keep your planted leg straight with a slight bend at your knee.  Pull your other leg back behind you.

Step 3

Lower your body until your chest and leg are parallel with the ground, activating the tension in your hamstring.

Step 4

Slowly bring your leg back underneath your body and pull your chest back to the starting position.

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