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Category: Chest

Target your chest, triceps, and shoulders with bodyweight pushups.


Pushups are a classic exercise that can be incorporated into any workout to build your chest, anterior deltoids, and overall strength. Vary the width of your hand placement to work different angles of your chest and shoulders. Vary the speed of your descent and ascent to help increase your explosiveness and muscular endurance.

Step 1

Brace your body with your hands below the middle of your chest, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Step 2

Slowly lower your chest to the floor, breathing in, and keeping your back straight and feet at approximately shoulder width..

Step 3

Lower your body until your elbows form an approximate 90-degree angle..

Step 4

Drive your body up, engaging your chest and triceps, until your arms are extended.  Exhale as you push yourself up.

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