One Arm Rows (Dumbbell)
Branch Fitness
Category: Back

Target your back, lats, deltoids, biceps, and core with one-arm dumbbell rows.


The dumbbell row is a compound lift to build and define your back and lats. The exercise targets your upper and middle back, lats, and deltoids. This exercise also requires you to activate and stabilize your core throughout the lift to ensure that your back remains straight and you keep proper form.

Step 1

Place your left hand at the top of a flat bench, and brace your body with your left knee on the bench and your right leg on the floor for support.

Step 2

Grip the dumbbell on the floor with your palm facing inward, and your arm straight down beneath your shoulder.

Step 3

Keep your back straight, flex your core, and pull the dumbbell up and back towards your chest.  Slightly twist your body and pull back your shoulder as you activate your lats and upper back.

Step 4

Slowly return the weight to its starting point directly underneath your shoulder.

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