Medicine Ball Twists
Branch Fitness
Category: Core

Medicine ball twists are an abdominal exercise to target your core, obliques, and lower back.


Medicine ball twists strengthen your abdominals, core and obliques. Medicine ball twists also have the benefit of keeping your entire body and core activated throughout the exercise, as you must control your abdominals and lower back to keep your body in an upright position and your feet off of the floor.

Step 1

Grip a medicine ball or barbell plate in front of you in a sitting position.

Step 2

Lean back at an approximate 45-degree angle and extend your legs out in front of you, keeping your feet slightly elevated off of the ground.

Step 3

Keeping your body facing forward and feet off of the ground, rotate your core and twist the ball to touch the floor on one side of you.

Step 4

Repeat this motion as you twist your core the other way, bringing the ball back in front of you to touch the other side of the floor.

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