Inverted Rows
Branch Fitness
Category: Back

Inverted rows are a body weight exercise to target your back, lats, and biceps.


Inverted rows target your back, lats, and biceps. This exercise uses your body weight as resistance. Change the angle of your body relative to the bar, your hand positioning, or speed of ascent and descent to target different muscles of your back. You may also substitute a bar with TRX bands or Rings for different versions of this exercise

Step 1

Position yourself underneath a bar, rings, or TRX straps.  The bar, rings, or straps should be at least high enough from the ground for your arms to be fully extended.

Step 2

Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width with your arms fully extended.  Place your legs straight out in front of you.

Step 3

Pull your body up and bring the middle of your chest to the bar, rings, or straps, activating your lats and upper back.  Keep your legs and back straight throughout this motion.

Step 4

Slowly lower your body to the starting position, keeping your back and legs straight.

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