Hanging Leg Raises
Branch Fitness
Category: Core

Target your core and abdominal muscles with this body weight exercise.


Hanging leg raises target your lower abdomen and obliques and activate your entire core as you stabilize your body throughout his movement. Hanging leg raises also force you to utilize your hips to bring your knees to your chest, and this movement carries over well to other athletic activities.

Step 1

Place the ab straps at shoulder width on a pullup bar.  Place your elbows in the ab straps and grip the top of the straps with your palms facing inward, and hands all the way through the straps.

Step 2

Keep your upper body straight, and flex your core as your start with your legs and knees together under your body.

Step 3

Bend at your knees and hips and use your core to pull your knees up to your chest.

Step 4

Slowly return your legs to the starting point, keeping your core activated and reducing any swinging momentum you may generate.

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