Frontal Raises (Dumbbell)
Branch Fitness
Category: Shoulders

Target your shoulders, lats, and lower back with dumbbell frontal raises.


Dumbbell frontal raises activate your shoulders, deltoids, and lats. Throughout the lift you also exercise your core and lower back, as you reach forward and extend your arm through the lift.

Step 1

Stand in an upright position with your back straight and feet shoulder width apart.  Keep a slight bend in your knees.

Step 2

Grip the dumbbells with your palms facing inward and a slight bend in your elbow.

Step 3

Rotate your palm as you extend out and up to lift the dumbbell.

Step 4

Raise the dumbbell to a level slightly above your shoulder, leaning into the lift and reaching forward, to engage your back and shoulder.

Step 5

Control the weight as you slowly return the dumbbell back to your side.

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