Program Overview
Programs combine workouts into a comprehensive plan to accomplish specific fitness objectives.
4 weeks / Muscle & Strength
4 weeks / Endurance Training
3 weeks / General Fitness
3 weeks / General Fitness
Define the Goal. Combine Your Workouts. Plan the Schedule.
Create and customize your client programs using the three step Branch Fitness program builder wizard below. After saving your program, it will be available in your library, where you are able to edit it, share it with each of your clients, add it to your clients' calendars, and track each of its workouts.
Program Information
Define the goals, purpose, and motivation behind your program. Provide your expert insight to help clients achieve specific fitness and training goals.
Program Assets
Customize the look and feel of your program to reflect your company, brand, or style and inspire your clients.
Program Workouts
Set the schedule, workout intervals, and specific workouts to be included in your program.
Get Started
To create a program, enter your program name and select the "Create Program" button. The three step program builder wizard will guide you through the remaining creation process. Please note that you must make each program's name unique.