Profile Overview
When you sign up to the Branch Fitness platform, you receive a profile with a custom url. Your profile is fully customizable and serves to complement your online web presence, highlight your Program, Workout, and Exercise Version contributions, and integrate with your social media channels.
Build Your Web Presence.
Modifying your profile is a two step process, and the profile builder wizard will guide you through each step. Your profile will remain private until you decide to publish it to all users as a premium member.
Personal Information
Enter your company, role, and personal background in the fitness industry. Itegrate with your social media channels or website.
Profile Assets
Upload your personal images, brand, logos, or motivational assets to customize your profile.
Your Contributions
Programs, Workouts, and Exercise Versions that you decide to publish for public view will be added to your profile page.
Get Started
When you sign up for the Branch Fitness, you automatically receive a custom profile tab. Click the View Profile button below to view and customize your profile.