Publishing Overview

As a premium member, you have the ability to set up a private account to manage and collaborate with your clients. The clients you invite will be linked with your account and can see any content you make available to them. This content remains accessible only between you and your respective clients. As a Premium Member, you also you have the optional ability to publish and share any programs, workouts, or exercise versions you create on the Branch Fitness Platform with the general public. This guide is meant to provide an overview of the optional publishing process and sharing of your programs, workouts, exercise versions, exercises, and profiles, which are hereafter often referred to as “Resources”. This guide covers the shared terms among all resources. Each resource also has specific guidelines for publishing, which can be seen in their respective guides. By default, all programs, workouts, and exercises will remain private to you (and any of your clients') account(s). Publishing to the community is an optional feature.

Process for Publishing

To publish any resources, you must be a premium member. Once you are a premium member, the “Publish” button will be available on all resources that you have created in your library. When you confirm the “publish” option for your resource, we begin the review process to accept your content and include it in the Branch Fitness community. We will get back to you within 72 hours regarding your content.

Once your content is approved and included in the community, other users of the Branch Fitness platform will be able to include it in their personal libraries. They will be able to track it, schedule it, and include it in any resources they decide to create, and possibly publish. For this reason, once publish your content, you will not be able to edit or delete it. You do retain the option to remove it from the community at any time, which prevents it from being published in the future. However, users will still retain any copies of your work in their personal libraries.

Guidelines for Publishing

In keeping with our principles of “Inspire” and “Educate” we have three tenants for approving content: Keep content and quality high, respect other people’s work, and add value to the fitness community. The below details outline specific rules regarding content approval. For resource specific guidelines and technical specifications, please refer to the respective guides.

Content and images must support the purpose of the resource. For example, an outline of a workout should be written about that workout, its benefits, purpose, schedule, details, etc. Likewise, images may not be product photographs. For example, if you own an apparel company, your workout photos may not be images of your t-shirts or shoes. We encourage you, however, to upload images of people wearing your apparel while working out. You may also upload your logo or brand, and customize the page with your colors.

We will not approve content that falls into any of the below categories:

  1. Content containing excessive profanity.
  2. Content that puts people or groups down.
  3. Content that is graphic, violent, or sexually explicit.
  4. Content that violates or encourages conduct to violate any criminal laws.

We take all measures possible to prevent approving content that violates copyright law. Please refer to our Copyright Guide for more details.