Program Guide

Programs combine workouts into a comprehensive plan to accomplish specific fitness objectives. All programs you create will remain private to your account. As a premium member you have the optional ability to publish your programs to the Branch Fitness community.

Creating New Programs

Create and customize your programs using the three-step Branch Fitness program builder. Programs you create will remain in your private library unless you decide to publish them to the community.

Publishing Programs

Once your program is published and approved, it will be available for all users in the community, and you will not have the ability to edit or delete it. You do retain the option to remove it from the community at any time.

When publishing a program, you also publish all workouts and their exercise versions (that are not already public) that are included as a part of your program. All workouts and exercise versions included in a program will be reviewed and approved as a part of the publishing process. Once any workouts and exercise versions you created are published, you will NOT have the ability to edit or delete them. You do retain the option to remove them from the community at any time, which prevents them from being published in the future.

Image Specifications

You may upload up a background image for each program.

The background image must meet the following specifications to be published:

Width: at least 1600px.
Height: 45% of width (pixels)
Maximum file size of 5 megabytes