Exercise Overview
Exercises form the building blocks of workouts and programs. Branch Fitness maintains a library of exercises and provides you a way to contribute any new exercises to the database. Each exercise can have many "versions", thereby enabling custom contributions, unique insight, and step-by-step instructions from multiple fitness professionals.
Contribute. Customize. Share.
Contribute a new exercise to the Branch Fitness database of exercises, or create your own "Branch" or "Version" of an already existing exercise. Creating an exercise version is a three step process, as outlined below. The exercise builder wizard will take you through each step. After saving your exercise version, it will be available in your library, where you are able to edit it, include it in your workouts, and share it with your clients.
Exercise Information
Help define the exercise by contributing your exercise outline and unique insight.
Exercise Assets
Upload your custom exercise images, giving clients a detailed look at how to best perform the exercise. Customize the look and feel of the page to reflect your company, brand, or style and inspire your clients.
Exercise Instructions
Complement your insight and images with step-by-step instructions designed to help clients complete the exercise.
Get Started
To create an exercise version, select the existing exercise from the below search box and press the "Create Exercise Version" button. If you are a premium member and wish to add a new exercise to the database, select the second tab, and enter the name and basic information about your new exercise. When you add a new exercise to the database, you will automatically create the first version of that exercise as well. For both new exercise versions and exercises, the exercise builder wizard will guide you through the three step creation process.