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Schedule Client Workouts
Track Client Results
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Build Custom Workouts
Build Custom Workouts
How much time do you spend building custom workouts and programs for your clients and players?
Leverage the Branch Fitness exercise library to provide step by step images and instructions to accompany each workout you build and store, all within your private web account.
Drag & drop exercises, specify set counts, reps, weight, and distance for each workout.
Brand each workout and program you create with your logo and custom layout.
Store each workout privately within your unique account and share it only with your team and specific clients.
Provide a PDF of each workout for easy client tracking and results.
Reduce the time you spend programming workout plans for each of your clients.
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Schedule Client Workouts
Schedule Client Workouts
How much time do you spend sharing and scheduling client workouts?
Drag & drop your custom programs and workouts to your clients' calendars.
Manage the workouts you share with each client.
Quickly build out remote training schedules for each client and share them only within your clients' accounts.
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Track Client Results
Track Client Results
Collaborate with your clients to record and log each workout.
You and your client can both quickly log the sets, reps, weight, distance, and time for each workout and exercise.
Track and log set details and body weight for each workout.
Drag & drop new exercises to quickly modify workouts on the fly.
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Analyze Client Progress
Analyze Client Progress
How do you and your clients benchmark goals and success?
Provide engaging drag & drop analytics for your clients, allowing them to quickly gain insight into their results.
Quantify client improvement over time with exercise and body weight metrics.
Take advantage of the private collaboration features to analyze each clients' progress.
Establish long term client plans for success, and maintain client engagement with interactive analytics.
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Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
Save time creating, sharing, and scheduling custom client workout plans within your private account.
Build private branded workouts and a customizable profile that integrates with your social media channels.
Engage your clients outside of in-person training sessions with private and unique workout plans.
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Build, Share, Schedule, and Track Your Clients' Workouts
Leverage the Branch Fitness exercise library to build and customize private fitness programs and workouts for your clients. Schedule and manage shared workouts for each of your clients. Track and analyze client progress over time. Each workout and program you build remains private and unique to your account and is only accessible by you and any clients you invite to join your account.
Save Time and Increase Your Revenue
Engage your clients outside of the gym, drive new training opportunities, and save time leveraging the Branch Fitness platform to build, customize, share, schedule, track, and analyze client progress through your secure and private Branch Fitness account.
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Save time building and sharing workouts with your clients.
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Engage your clients across the entire fitness lifecycle.
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Increase your client base and revenues with online training.
Plans and Pricing
Sign Up for Branch Fitness is free. Anyone can sign up, build workouts, manage their calendar, and track and analyze progress. As a Fitness Professional, there are three premium plans to help drive your business. Each of these premium plans allows you to set up a secure and private account to host and share programs, workouts, and exercises with your clients, manage each client's schedule, and track and analyze client progress. Contact us to talk through your specific needs and request a custom demo.
Premium - 5
Private online training platform for up to 5 clients ($8.33/client/month).
Premium - 15
Private online training platform for up to 15 clients ($5.50/client/month).
Premium - 50
Private online training platform for up to 50 clients ($2.50/client/month).